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Live like a young native girl from the late XIX century at the brazilian`s backlands, a very dry place with a unique environment. Embody as Cícera to learn how to survive, explore the world of Árida and discover more about her fate and of the ones around her.

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There is a place inside Brazil that is called backlands. An dry environment but filled with life, marked by the strength and perseverance from those who live in small villages there.

This is the scenario of Árida: Backland’s Awakening, an adventure and survival game divided in three parts. The first one presents the daily life from the people of this environment during a very hard time without water supply.

That is when then they were surprised by some rumors about a kind of magical place still in the backlands where the drought don’t dares to appear.

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You play as Cícera, a young inlander looking for her own way in life, facing the questions from the past and dilemmas of the present while she deals with the needs of live in the brazilian backlands during the late XIX century.

Along with her grand father Tião, a very wise old cowboy, Cícera will learn the way to grow a sense of survival and prudence for her and about those around her.

By using some tools, Cícera can get water in the natural cisterns of the backlands, the cacimbas. But as they are not recyclable, she will need to explore the environment, knowing about its nuances and details, unlocking paths and conquering new resources.

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As Tiao represents an affective image for Cícera, Firmina - The Uaua’s healler, a mystic and mysterious woman, also fills that role. She makes part of the girl’s life since she was little. Firmina teaches Cícera the secrets of the backlands, especially its fauna and flora.

During her journey, Cícera will discover more about the environment around her, and by doing so, learn about old habits, traditions and tales. About the history of her people that is also her history.

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