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Live like a native from the brazilian`s backlands during the late XIX century at a very dry environment. Embody as Cicera, a young native surviver, learning how to use the tools and exploring the world of Arida to discover her destiny and of the ones around her.

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There is a place on Brasil`s interior called backlands. There is where the nature shows it most rude face, where the dried environment its the purpose of perseverance on the everyday of small villages. This is the scenario of Arida Backlands Awakening, a survival adventure game splited on three parts. The first one brings the daily routine of this people, that during a very long irksome period, got chocked on get the rumors that now there is a place in this backlands where the drough dont dares to fit.

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You play as Cícera, a inlander obstinate to find her trail between the mysteries of the past and burden imposed on her at the same time she explores the faces of the region she lives and hard life of a inlander of the backlands.

Along with her grand father Tião, Cícera will be instructed of the better way of surviving and then develop her perception of smartness and prudence over what surrounds her.

With the tools and knowledge provided by Tião, Cicera will be able to survive the growing drough of her home village.

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Exploring the cacimbas - naturals cisterns inside the backlands, to get water. Collecting cassava that with the right knowledge and preparation time, would offer a meal good enough to deceive the hungry during her walkings.

At her journey, Cicera will discover more about the place she habits and this way learn old habits and secrets, the history of her people, her history.

The same way Tiao represents a guide goal to Cicera, Firmina - The Uaua`s healer, a mysterious and mystic woman on first sight, teaches Cicera the hidden things of the backlands, it’s fauna and flora, flourishing it’s beauty with naked eyes.

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